Introducing new applications such as shot peening and corrosion inspection, while improving overall system performance

GelSight is excited to announce the release of GelSight Mobile™ 2.4. This software update for GelSight’s handheld mobile devices provides new features such as shot peen measurement and enhanced pit detection, and expands applications of GelSight Mobile in quality inspection, production line metrology, and maintenance and repair operations (MRO) workflows.

With GelSight Mobile™ 2.4, users have access to new surface analysis capabilities and improved functionality that will streamline inspection workflows. Key features in GelSight Mobile 2.4 include:

  • Shot Peen Measurement: Evaluate the depth and coverage of shot peening to determine whether parts have been sufficiently treated to achieve the desired level of strength.
  • Enhanced Pit Detection: Based on input from customers using pit detection for corrosion inspection, users can now set minimum and maximum pit depths and diameters enhancing the capabilities of GelSight’s pit detection algorithm.
  • Snap to Lines and Features: When analyzing images, easily select features of interest, simplifying set up and making analysis faster.
  • Offset Tool with Beta Artificial Intelligence: The new AI module learns from the users’ behavior and observes repetitive workflows to suggest automated settings that can help improve productivity.

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