Introducing new Profile Roughness and Replica Measurement with Image Transformation applications, while improving overall system performance

GelSight is excited to announce the release of GelSight Mobile™ 3.0. This software update provides new features such as Profile Roughness and Replica Measurement with Image Transformation to expand applications of the GelSight Mobile platform in R&D, Quality Inspection, Production Line QC, and Maintenance and Repair Operations (MRO) workflows.

Key features in GelSight Mobile™ 3.0 include:

  • Profile Roughness: GelSight’s proprietary technology instantly captures the data of up to 21 profilometer measurements, over a wide surface area, at the press of a button, while offering industry-standard ISO and ASME analysis methods. In-situ, precision surface analysis is achieved regardless of material type, reflectivity, or transparency.
  • Replica Measurement with Image Transformation: Achieve instant, precision measurement of replica putty at the point-of-use for surface defect analysis in hard-to-reach locations. GelSight enables direct, immediate measurement of replica putty, then transforms the image to create an exact representation of the surface defect. This can eliminate waiting hours or days for lab results while simplifying follow-on analysis.
  • Full capabilities of GelSight Mobile™ 2.4, including pit detection/corrosion and shot peen surface analysis
  • Additional enhancements and bug fixes

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