Introducing a first-of-its-kind tactile Artificial Intelligence Toolbox, customizable workflows and preset configurations, Operator Mode, and Surface Roughness analysis 

GelSight is excited to release of GelSight Mobile™ 3.2. This update includes an innovative set of features that bring manual processes to the digital age. The AI Toolbox takes GelSight Mobile™ system capabilities into a new dimension, beyond quantitative metrology by enabling non-dimensional inspection and measurement. 

Key features in GelSight Mobile™ 3.2 include:

  • AI Toolbox for Non-Dimensional Measurement: For the first time, GelSight users can create their own AI models and train the GelSight Mobile system to replicate assessments that previously required touching and feeling a surface, enabling them to digitally quantify these assessments in a repeatable, user agnostic process. The AI Toolbox currently supports classification, detection, and segmentation.
  • Operator Mode: Allows any user to access GelSight Mobile's capabilities with a streamlined user interface that gives customers the ability to customize routines and select pass/fail criteria. Operator Mode is password protected and simplifies repeated measurement in a clean and structured way with preset configurations. 
  • Surface Roughness Analysis: Natively capture data within milliseconds. Adding surface roughness, an area measurement, is a natural extension of the GelSight solution portfolio. With GelSight Mobile 3.2, surface roughness analysis is now available in addition to enhanced profile roughness capabilities. With the click of a button, customers can now perform repeated portable Sa and Ra measurements, revolutionizing the way roughness measurements are currently done.
  • Full capabilities of GelSight Mobile™ software suite: including Scratch and Dent Measurement, Offset / Gap, Fastener Flushness, Hole Size, Fillet Relief, Pit Detection / Corrosion / Porosity, Radius, Weld Bead, Shot Peen, and direct replica material measurement with Image Transformation.

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