Tactile sensors designed to give robots human-like touch

Next generation robotic perception for object manipulation, manufacturing, and more

Today, general purpose in-hand and object manipulation remains an unsolved challenge in robotics and artificial intelligence.

Common touch sensors do not capture a signal comparable to human sense of touch and robots lack tactile intelligence to perform dexterous tasks and generate hand manipulation skills.

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DIGIT Tactile Sensor

Category: Tactile Robotics Applications

Cost: $300 (per sensor)

Lead time: 6 weeks

Replacement cartridges for the DIGIT Tactile Sensor are now available in the GelSight store!

In partnership with Meta AI Research, GelSight is manufacturing DIGIT, a low-cost and miniaturized tactile sensor that gives robots human touch.

Complex Object Manipulation

Dexterous Tasks

Assembly Process Efficiency

Material Properties Identification



DIGIT improves upon past tactile sensors by miniaturizing the form factor to be mountable on multi-fingered hands.

DIGIT is built on GelSight’s imaging-based technology platform so that machine learning and AI techniques can be applied immediately to DIGIT’s sensor output.

Engineers and researchers love working with DIGIT because DIGIT is:

Easy to build


Low-cost at $300 per sensor





DIGIT Tactile Sensor

Accelerate your research with DIGIT

A high-resolution tactile sensor to enhance robot in-hand manipulation skills