GelSight MobileTM 3.5 is now available

GelSight is proud to present the latest version of our surface analytics software, GelSight Mobile 3.5TM. This release includes Defect Detection, a new analysis function for faster, more detailed analysis of defects such as scratches and dents, significant enhancements to Pit Detection with color identified pits and a more interactive results table, new profile roughness output parameters, as well as a magnetic line snapping tool for edge finding.

In addition, it includes all of our latest measurement functions and productivity boosting features such as:

  • Profile and Surface Roughness
  • Radius of Curvature
  • Shot Peen
  • Replica Measurement with Image Transformation
  • Operator Mode and other speed improvements
  • Function and pass/fail limit customization 
  • Software triggered scanning
  • Direct printing
  • AI Toolbox
  • and more...

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