Current robots lack the dexterity of touch due to limitations in their ability to react to surface features when manipulating complex objects. 

Touch is the next sense that will be digitized to enable robots to perform tasks of greater complexity and superior functionality that they were previously unable to do. 

Listen to Roberto Calandra, Research Scientist at Meta AI Research, Nan Tian, Senior Research Scientist at Bosch, and Alberto Rodriguez, Associate Professor at MITas they discuss tactile sensing in robotics and opportunities for innovation and new applications. 

During this webinar, you will gain insight into:

  • What is tactile sensing?
  • How are the fields of AI and robotics changing related to advancements in digitizing touch?
  • What are the new applications for industrial robotics?
  • What is the future of robots in the home?



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Youssef Benmokhtar

CEO, GelSight

Roberto Calandra Headshot

Roberto Calandra

Research Scientist, Meta AI Research


Nan Tian

Senior Research Scientist, Bosch

Alberto Rodriguez

Alberto Rodriguez

Associate Professor, MIT

Participants will have the opportunity to learn:

Opening Remarks

Welcome by GelSight


Brief intro of the speakers

Panelists Q&A

What is tactile sensing?

Applications and use cases

Intersection of tactile sensing & AI

Role of tactile sensing and AI in the Metaverse

Attendee Q&A

Closing Remarks

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